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Ifugao basket sieve for catching snails


Philippines Ifugao Igorot basket catching snails locally known as "haydu". The haydu is used chiefly by women as a sieve for capturing edible snails in the rice paddies. Snails are caught following the rice harvest when the stubble is cleaned out of the paddy fields. Ifugao rice terraces are kept filled with water all year, unlike the paddies in many rice-growing areas, which are allowed to dry out as the rice ripens.


This style of haydu is made in the northern section of the Ifugao territory including the villages of Cambulo and Mayaoyao. The haydu of Banaue and the central Ifugao region, the slats of the sieve cross on diagonal.


Type of Object: Sieve for catching snails

Construction Method: Plaited

Local Terms: "haydu"

Period/Date: Mid - late 20th century

Ethnic Group: Ifugao ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: Rattan, bamboo

Dimensions: (Approximate) Width: 16"


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