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Sagada Igorot "kankanaey" Native drum "solibao, solibaw"


Circa 1900's up 1930's Sagada Igorot kankanaey native drum (Solibao, Solibaw). Very rare to be offered on the market as it is seldom being sold by owners.

This is a musical instrument made from a carefully chosen single piece of wood with one end covered with cow skin. These are common in kankanaey and Ibaloi tribe - Benguet, Sagada, Lepanto area but are not known in the neighboring Bontoc region.

They sounded throughout the hills in times of mourning or of danger and specially during times or feasting.

These long slender barreled wooden drums - played with the hands and beaten next to gongs and other musical instruments, like stones, sticks and metal parts - provided the rhythmic support for various dances.


A drum was a precious instrument only found in dwellings of more prestigious families.

- Schandenberg

Until now the observation of Schandenberg is true (including the gongs). Old drum like this that is still functional and in good shape is truly a rare find. A museum quality piece or for your private collection. Length - 39 inches (99 cm). Diameter 13.5" (widest) (34 cm). Materials - Wood, Rattan, Cow Skin leather. This is made big and wide - which produces louder sound.

Weight of the drum alone is 15.25 kg. If packed it could reach up to 18kg to protect it from being damage during transit. If you are interested with this item. email us here. The shipping fee may not be accurate as it was calculated only for U.S address. If you are not from the U.S. Pls. email for quote.

igorot sagada native drum solibao

Videos I found online where the drum is played. Often the drummer are not being shown most of the time, just like a modern band. There are better occasions but they are not recorded on video - Just to show you how it is being used.

In the first video. The drum "solibao" was the first played instrument then was joined by the two piece of metal called "takik" then the gong "gangsa" - a good combination don't you think?

In this second video you can clearly see how the drum was played.

this third video is just an extra one you may want to see

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