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Philippines Igorot Kalinga Igorot Warrior Wood Shield "Kalasag"

Circa early-midth 20th century Kalinga Warrior Wood Shield "Kalasag" from Bot-bot Kalinga. Made from a light wood and rattan bands. 31.5" long , 11.4" wide and the depth from bow front to back is 2.8". Had some nicks to the sides and the last thread of rattan attached to it was cut. This is a classic design of Kalinga shield with flat lower and upper projection and "V" shape in between ends of the wood, the bottom curved are used to pin down a struggling opponent by the neck in the ground and make it easier for the victor to cut the opponents head using the head axe. The head is then skinned using the axe. Headhunters used the lower jaw of their victims as gong handle, the hair as armlet extension, the skull as display in their houses.The kalingas have been known as the most ferocious of all the Igorot headhunters, Their tribal peace pact always call for retribution - if one head was taken by the enemy from their tribe one MUST also taken as payment.

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