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Bontoc Bachelor's basket woven hat "Falaka, Suklang"

Midth 20th Century Bontoc Igorot Men's basket Bachelors hat locally called as "Falaka", "Suklang" (Bontoc) or "Kinaw-it" (Sagada Kankanaey). Though repaired and with new string the hat is still in excellent collectible condition. Nice patina all around.

The suklang is only worn by men. Its primary function is to serve as a "pocket" for carrying matches, tobacco and pipes and is secured to the head by means of a string anchored within the hairline or carried across the forehead. It's secondary function is to designate a man's marital status. Bachelors wear the more decorative version called "falaka" with red, yellow, black strips of rattan, dog's teeth, boar's tusks, shells, tiny beads and even ordinary shirt buttons.

The married man's suklang is a simple, plain, undecorated hemispherical or beehive shaped basket. Bontoc men wear their suklang everyday.

All baskets we are selling are not cleaned, if cleaned these would look really great in your display specially if waxed properly, I'll leave the thrill to you. The actual item is definitely more beautiful than the pictures.

Type of Object: Bontoc Igorot hat

Ethnic Group: Ifugao ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: Shell, Rattan, Bamboo, wild boar's tusks, natural dye

Dimension: 5 inches diameter, 3 inches high

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bontoc igorot hat suklang

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