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Ifugao Mother of Pearl Shell Necklace - Wealth Status Symbol

Circa 1900's Ifugao tribal Mother of Pearl Necklace "pangalapang"

The shell chokers' function is to impress - as status symbol. The scarcity of large pieces of mother of pearl in these parts (ifugao) plus the difficulties entailed in grinding,drilling and polishing with primitive tools insured its prestige limiting its use to the elite and very wealthy.

The first sighting of these ornaments written was on 1887 when Dr. Alexander Schadenberg, a german scientist who visited the Cordillera in 1887 described natives who "decorate the arms and ankles with rings or heavy brass wire, their necks with square pieces of mother of pearl fastened to a string through two holes."( Ref: Roberto Maramba - Form and Splendor)

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