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2009 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog Volume 1 - 6 PDF DVD

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Much better than the heavy books. Can access catalog in your computer anywhere and enlarge stamps for better details!

Stamps Complete Price Guide from 1840-Date for stamp collectors and dealers!

Do you ever wonder at the real value of the stamps you have, what you want to buy from the internet or from stamp dealers?

Do you want to sell your stamps but don't know how much to price it?

Are you collecting stamps but have little idea of its history, errors, varieties, mintage, price and etc?

Do you want to broaden your knowledge about stamps?


Do you also want to snap at those "very low" stamp auctions unnoticed ( or untimely listed) by majority of people ( sold very low yet with high value) Use these catalogs to know their value if its worth your time and with patience you can have a steady flow of profit.

here are invaluable reference tool for you! whether you are an amateur collector or Professional Philatelist this Scott Stamp Catalog and Price Guide the undisputed "Stamp Bible" will surely boost your knowledge about stamps.

Why delay when you can use these tools at the earliest possible time for profit or savings?

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Volume 1: United States, United Nations and Countries of the world from A-B

Volume 2: Countries of the world from C-F; Volume 3: Countries of the world from G-I

Volume 4: Countries of the world from J-O; Volume 5: Countries of the world from P-SL

Volume 6: Countries of the world from So-Z

(DVD's in PDF Format, Readable using Adobe Acrobat reader which is a free program and pre-installed on the DVD's)

SIMPLY Insert the disks into your computer and get complete access to the digital 2009 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Volume 1-6.

  • Original Scott / Amos Publications
  • New in Shrink Wrap
  • All kinds of regular stamps covered from 1840 - 2008
  • All 8,046 pages straight from the books
  • Descriptions, Pictures, Dates, Mints, Prices and etc in Full Color
  • Better than a book in some instances as you can enlarge images up to 400 percent for closer inspection and print pages you only need, a handy tool for stamp collectors and dealers.
  • Lightweight and handy, access it anywhere with a computer
  • Alphabetically listed with a fast search and a country index to navigate straight to the country you want
  • Print only the specific information you need
  • Step-by-step user guide

Delivery Time: 5 - 7 working days ( 10 days max ) to any part of the globe. Mailing time will be within 1-2 business days.

Note: These are the last digital edition of Scott Standard Postage Stamp catalogue. No more CD / DVD will be published 2010 and above, If your collections consist of stamps from 1840 to 2008 these are the best stamps price guide you can avail with updated listings and prices compared to 2007 and 2008 scott catalogues. If compared to 2010 - 2012 issues there are very minimal difference, the 2009 scott catalogue issue has the year with the biggest update!

There are more than 58,000 value changes in the 2009 Volume 1. Almost 4,700 value changes were made in The United States, U.S. possessions and United Nations. There are more than 23,000 value changes in the stamps of the British Commonwealth with more than 4,800 changes in Australia alone and more than 3,500 changes in the Australian States. Other British nations with large numbers of value changes are Barbuda (2,609 changes), Bahamas (1,938), Anguilla (1,363), Barbados (1,325), Belize (1,228), Botswana (1,167), Aitutaki (1,074), Ascension (1,053) and Bermuda (1,020). There are more than 29,000 value changes in countries such as Austria (4,739), Albania (3,619), Belgium (3,148), Afghanistan (2,237), the various administrations of Bosnia & Herzegovina (1,725), Benin (1,701), Angola (1,628) and Armenia (1,120).

There are 59,217 value changes in the 2009 Volume 2. First in value changes is France with 7,236 changes and with 2,393 additional changes in the French Offices Abroad. Other countries in Volume 2 with large numbers of value changes are Canada (5,505 changes with an additional 1,046 changes in the Provinces), Czechoslovakia (3,235), Denmark (3,128), Finland (2,630), Egypt (2,491), Dominica (2,371), Ethiopia (2,220), Ecuador (1,965), China (1,914), Central African Republic (1,826), Chad (1,667), Cook Islands (1,574), Croatia (1,498), Cayman Islands (1,208), Comoro Islands (1,120), Eritrea (1,104) and Cyprus (1,064).

There are 50,000 value changes in the 2009 Volume 3. The value-change leader is Great Britain, with 4,543 changes in G.B. and Offices Abroad and another 5,756 changes in Guernsey, Alderney, Jersey and Isle of Man. Other countries in Volume 3 with large numbers of value changes are Guyana (4,043 changes), India (3,806), German Democratic Republic (3,787), Italy (3,242, plus 678 changes in Italian Offices Abroad and 1,107 more in Aegean Islands), Gabon (2,545), Greece (2,543), Ivory Coast (2,441), Guinea (2,264), Haiti (2,004), Indonesia (1,771) and Iceland (1,525).

There are 32,812 value changes in the 2009 Volume 4. The value-change leader in Volume 4 is Mongolia with 3,583. Other countries with large numbers of value changes are Libya (3,433 changes), New Zealand (2,937), Liberia (2,430), Monaco (2,188), Malaysia (1,778), Malaya (1,715), Lebanon (1,289), Jamaica (1,252), Democratic People's Republic of Korea (1,219), Laos (1,161) and Lesotho (1,103).

There are 38,507 value changes in 2009 Volume 5. The value-change leader in is Romania with 4,779. Other countries with large numbers of value changes are Russia (4,148 changes), San Marino (2,916), Saudi Arabia (2,611), Poland (2,410), Sierra Leone (2,014), Singapore (1,840), Seychelles (1,644), Papua New Guinea (1,433), Rwanda (1,315), St. Lucia (1,191), Slovenia (1,181), Pakistan (1,100), El Salvador (1,082) and St. Helena (1,006).

There are 36,172 value changes in the 2009 Volume 6. The value-change leader is Yugoslavia, with 3,201. Other countries with large numbers of value changes are South Africa (3,026 changes), Tanzania (2,322), Somalia (1,877), Wallis & Futuna Islands (1,683), Thailand (1,654), Turks & Caicos Islands (1,517), Sri Lanka (1,498), Virgin Islands (1,333),Solomon Islands (1,083) and Sudan (1,064). Other countries with significant numbers of value changes include Somali Coast, Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, South Vietnam, People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


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