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2011 Scott Stamp Catalogue United States Specialized




There are more than 8,000 value changes in the 2011 edition of the Scott U.S. Specialized Catalogue. Overshadowing the value changes this year are the addition of three new sections in the catalogue. The three new sections are Scott Stamp Values, U.S. Registry Exchange Labels of 1883-1911 and U.S. Stamps Used in the Confederacy.

Many collectors no doubt are familiar with the Scott publication Scott Stamp Values: U.S. Specialized by Grade. Previously, this information was provided in a separate 50-page booklet. This information has now been incorporated into the Specialized bringing all Scott valuing information for the United States stamps into one volume. The new section is located right after the postage section and before the semi-postals and other back-of-the-book listings and values. The pages have a yellow outer edge, so you can find this new section easily by just looking at the outer edges of the pages when the book is closed. The inclusion of Scott Stamp Values within the U.S. Specialized catalog adds more than 30,000 additional value points to the volume.

This new catalog section lists values for sound stamps in eight different grades: Superb-98, Extremely Fine-Superb-95, Extremely Fine-90, Very Fine-Extremely Fine-85, Very Fine-80, Fine-Very Fine-75, Fine-70 and Very Good-50. The listings comprise most of the stamps whose values are most susceptible to differentials in grade variations. The stamps listed are Scott 1 through 715 (including coil pairs, coil joint line pairs and booklet panes), 720b, 832-834a, 1053, C1-C31, E1-E14, F1, J1-J87, K1-K18, O1-O126 (including the special printings), PR1-PR125, Q1-Q12, JQ1-JQ5, QE1-QE4a and RW1-RW77A.

In addition to Scott Stamp Values, there are two other new sections in the U.S. Specialized catalog this year, and each section is accompanied by a Special Feature article written by a noted authority in the respective field. The first article and set of listings concern "The United States Registry Exchange Labels of 1883-1911," and the informative Special Feature article is written by Nicholas A. Lombardi, president of the United States Stamp Society. The listings consist of covers with the registry labels of the 26 known out of the 37 authorized exchange offices. The various types of labels are listed separately and valued. Census numbers are included with the listings. This new group of listings, with "FX" prefixes, appears just before the Registration stamp of 1911, Scott F1.

The third section is a new sub-section for the Confederate States of America listings. This new section covers the use of U.S. stamps and postal stationery within the seceded independent Southern states and Confederate states, through May 31, 1861. The new sub-section consists of an introduction explaining this unique postal situation in the South, the table of secession of the Southern states, and the listings by Scott U.S. stamp numbers and, where possible, by state. A special feature article also accompanies this new section, written by Patricia A. Kaufman, president of the Confederate Stamp Alliance.

Other editorial enhancements for 2011 include complete footnotes for all stamps with hidden 3-D images that are visible when viewed with a special "Stamp Decoder" lens sold by the United States Postal Service. The footnotes indicate what the hidden image is. These footnotes begin with Scott 3036, the 1998 $1 Fox definitive, and continue on for the appropriate issues through Scott 3862, the National World War II Memorial stamp of 2004, at which time the special 3-D hidden image program ended.

Value trends are mixed among the 8,000+ changes that were made. A few modern issues that have proven to be elusive have increased in value significantly. Scott 4129, the 2007 (41¢) Flag plate block of four from the water-activated sheet stamp, rises to $12.50 mint, never hinged from $7.50 last year. The 2007 17¢ Bighorn Sheep sheet stamp with water-activated gum rises as a plate block of four to $10 mint, never hinged from $6 in the 2010 catalog, and the 2008 42¢ Purple Heart water-activated gum sheet stamp shows the largest jump of all for its plate block of four, to $25 mint, never hinged from just $10.

The most impressive value gains are seen in the Newspapers and Periodicals section. Most values for unused stamps and all values for used stamps show advances, and the gains are most significant in the used column. Such stamps have proven to be very difficult for collectors to locate. A fairly typical example of the changes in this section is Scott PR63, the $12 stamp from 1879. In unused condition, this stamp rises to $500, from $475 in 2010, and in used condition it jumps considerably to $125, from just $85 last year.

The cover price for the 2011 U.S. Specialized $79.99. The Classic Specialized will be available in November. Volumes 1 through 6 of the 2011 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue are currently available. The cover price for each volume is $79.99. 

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