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2011 Scott Stamp Catalogue Volume 5 - Countries from N-SAM


VOLUME 5 Countries of the World N-SAM



Thousands of value changes were recorded in Volume 5 of the 2011 Scott Catalogue, which now includes listings for countries of the world N Samoa. "While activity remains light for popular countries like the Netherlands, Portugal and Russia, the Scott editors focused on countries that don't always garner a lot of attention," according Scott Catalogue Editor, James Kloetzel. As a result a country like Paraguay recorded more than 3,200 value changes. Other countries with significant numbers of value changes are New Caledonia, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, St. Lucia, the Grenadines of St Vincent, and El Salvador. Almost every country in Volume 5 has some value changes.


Demand has pushed many of the stamp values of Paraguay up. Sharp increases were recorded for issues beginning in the 1880s and continuing to early 1960s. Scott 17 and 18, the 1881 1c and 2c surcharges on Scott 11, each rise to $15 unused from $10 unused in the 2010 Volume 5. The 1892 10c definitive handstamped in violet for Columbus' 400th anniversary of the discovery of America, Scott 31, jumps to $10 unused and $5 used, from $7 unused and $3.50 used last year.


Similar increases are seen throughout the early issues, including error varieties such as Scott 243b and 244b the 1922 50c and 1p UPU issues with inverted centers, each of which doubles in value both unused and used. Scott 243b, moves to $20 both unused and used, from $10 both ways last year, and Scott 244b moves to $25 unused and used, from $12.50 both ways last year. Many of the seldom-offered "non-philatelic" sets from the 1950s on show dramatic increases. Increases were also recorded in air post stamps and back-of-book material.


In New Caledonia, higher values begin with the first issue of the country, the 1859 10c black Napoleon III imperforate, Scott 1, which jumps to $240 unused from $210 last year. This stamp now is valued at $250 in used condition. Increases of a similar percentage often are seen in the early issues, and value changes continue to the more modern issues, such as the 1948 10c-25fr pictorial definitives, Scott 275-294, which move to $39.70 unused and $21.55 used, from $31.80 unused and $16.40 used in 2010. Value changes tend to end in New Caledonia after the 1960s.


An important editorial enhancement this year is the assignment of lettered minor numbers to worldwide stamps of the same design but with different year dates in the lower margins. Some of these varieties have very different values. Listings affected in this year's Volume 5 include Nevis, Philippines, St. Helena, St. Kitts and St. Lucia.


Several new major numbers appear in Volume 5. In Nepal, the 25p Arms definitive with larger design has been assigned Scott 535A. In Orange River Colony, the black on yellow "Commando Brief" military stamp of 1899, is now Scott M1. And in Qatar, two sets have been added for new currency surcharges in 1961 and 1965, Scott 108-108J and 115-115P.


The cover price for the printed version of Volume 5 and each subsequent Scott 2011 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue volume is $79.99. Volume 6 (Countries of the World San-Z) will be released in September, the U.S. Specialized in October, and the Classic Specialized in November.

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