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2011 Scott Stamp Catalogue Volume 2 - Countries from C-F


VOLUME 2 Countries of the World C-F



Value activity was robust for a number of countries in Volume 2 of the 2011 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. "There are about 30,000 value changes recorded in this year's edition, which is a much larger figure than is seen in most years," said Scott Catalogue Editor James Kloetzel. Volume 2 includes listings and values for Countries of the world C-F.

The real standout country unquestionably is China, with the People's Republic of China leading the way. There are 2,071 value changes in China from 1878-1949 and 454 more changes for the Republic of China. But the People's Republic of China is this year's big winner, with a whopping 7,500 value changes. Other countries showing a high number of value changes are Colombia (3,101), French Offices Abroad (2,263), Canada (2,120), Chile (1,496) and Ethiopia (1,003).

To put into perspective the scope and range of changes in China, consider that there are 1,006 major catalogue numbers from 1878 to 1949, for which (with their minor varieties) more than 2,000 value changes have been made. It is easy to see the great majority of values have changed. Gains of five percent to 20 percent are seen, with even larger increases occasionally seen, especially among the lettered minor varieties. Not all the huge increases appear in the minor listings, however. The May 1897 30c on 24c surcharge, Scott 64, leaps from $27,500 unused in last year's Volume 2 to $60,000 unused this year. The 1897 type "f" surcharge on the red revenue stamp, Scott 83, jumped from $325,000 unused in 2010 to a whopping $725,000 in 2011.

Activity in the Republic of China stamps is much more subdued, with relatively few value changes. What changes there are tend to be modestly upward.

In People's Republic of China, early issues show generally modest increases in value. The 1952 set of 10 blocks of physical exercises, Scott 141-150, show a sizable gain, moving to $80 per block unused, from just $40 per block unused last year. In used condition, each block moves to $35 from $30. The most impressive activity in the stamp marketplace is found in the later 1950s issues and into the 1960s Cultural Revolution era. The Scott editors have added new notes and values for some rare unissued stamps from this period. The values for these rare items, to put it mildly, are startling. Later issues from the PRC show scattered changes of modest size.

In Canada, classic values are somewhat mixed, and the value changes are only scattered. Scott 1 and 2, the 1851 3p red Beaver and 6p slate Prince Albert on laid paper, rise in value unused but fall slightly in used condition. Scott 3, the 12p black Queen Victoria on laid paper, moves to $125,000 unused and $100,000 used, from $110,000 unused and $85,000 used last year. Various other classics rise slightly in value in unused condition.

Early 20th-century Canada issues show minor weakness in unused condition, such as the 1911-25 King George V Admirals, Scott 104-122, and a few other singles or sets. The stamps from the period after the 1950s show little movement, but the stronger Canadian dollar has forced up the catalogue values for many modern stamps issued after about 1980.

There are more than 3,000 value changes in Colombia, with classics rising in value from five percent to 20 percent, or in some cases even a bit more. Fairly typical is the jump of Scott 11, the 1868 10c yellow buff Arms of Colombia, which moves to $85 unused and $55 used, from $65 unused and $50 used in the 2010 Volume 2. Value increases continue in the early airmails and other back-of-the-book issues, where upward movement of values is even more noteworthy than in the postage issues.

An important editorial enhancement in this year's catalogues is the assignment of lettered minor numbers to worldwide stamps of the same design but with different year dates in the bottom margins. Some of these varieties have very different values, and all six Standard volumes will show the new listings and their values.

There are several other notable changes regarding the 2011 edition of the Scott Catalogues. The country breakdowns for Volumes 4, 5 and 6 are different. Volume 4 now features countries of the World J-M, Volume 5 Countries of the World N-Sam, and Volume 6 Countries of the World San-Z. The information that was previously in the Scott Stamp Values Supplement will now be incorporated into the U.S. Specialized Catalogue when it is released in October.

The cover price for the printed version of Volume 2 and each subsequent Scott 2011 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue volume is $79.99. Volume 3 (containing Countries of the World G-I) will be released in June, Volume 4 (Countries of the World J-M) in July, Volume 5 (Countries of the World N-Sam) in August, Volume 6 (Countries of the World San-Z) in September, the U.S. Specialized in October, and the Classic Specialized in November.

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