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2007 Scott Classic Specialized Stamp Catalogue 1840-1940 CD





CD Only

Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue: Stamps and Covers of the World is limited to stamps and covers that were produced between 1840-1940 or for the British Common Wealth nations to 1952. It covers all postage stamp producing nations in one volume for those years

CD in PDF format, readable using adobe acrobat reader which is a free program and pre-installed on the CD

SIMPLY Insert the stamp catalog disk into your computer and get complete access to the digital 2007 Scott Classic Specialized Stamp Catalogue 1840-1940 Volume 8.

  • All 1,144 pages straight from the book
  • Descriptions, Pictures, Dates, Mints, Prices and etc in Full Color
  • Better than a book in some instances as you can enlarge images up to 400 percent for closer inspection, a handy tool for stamp collectors and dealers.
  • Lightweight and handy, access it anywhere with a computer
  • Alphabetically listed with a fast search and a country index to navigate straight to the country you want
  • Print only the specific informations you need
  • Step-by-step user guide


Inside the catalog you will find - detailed illustration on how to use the 2007 scott classic specialized stamp catalogue, Information on Philatelic Societies, Expertizing Services, Information on Catalogue Values, Grade and Condition, Grading Illustrations, Gum Chart, Understanding the Listings, Basic Stamp Information - history, watermarks, perforation, printing process, reprint, gum, forgeries, repairs and etc; Terminology, Pronunciation Symbols, Common Design Types, The British Commonwealth of Nations, Colonies, Former Colonies, Offices, Territories Controlled by Parent States, Dies of British, Colonial Stamps Referred to in the Catalogue, British Colonial and Crown Agents Watermarks - many more informations added.


All the details of classic stamps in one reliable and searchable CD! This CD contains all of the 1,144 pages from the printed version of the scott classic specialized stamp catalogue volume 8 in PDF format. It is very useful if you prefer to work in your computer or don't want to carry heavy books with you to work. Print only the specific information you need when you are away from your computer.


These standard scott postage stamp catalogues are synonymous to stamps value guide, stamp catalog, stamps price guide, stamps collector's guide, stamp collecting books, world stamps price guide and etc. These are the most comprehensive stamps publications around the globe, these stamp price guides are considered the bible of stamp collectors or philatelist and stamp dealers around the globe!


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  • CD-ROM
  • Publisher: Scott / Amos Publications; Published (2006)
  • Language: English

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