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2011 Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue V1 US/UN & Countries A-B



VOLUME 1 Countries of the World A-B & USA/UN




The 30,000 value changes recorded in Volume 1 of the 2011 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue are spread among a number of countries including the United States, Argentina, Australia and Australian States, Brazil, Bulgaria and French Andorra. "The demand for more common material remains tepid, while demand for rarities and high grade stamps is strong," according to Scott Catalogue Editor James Kloetzel.

There are 4,250 value changes made in the United States, U.S. possessions and United Nations sections of Volume 1. Among the stamps that drop slightly in value are the 1847 5¢ and 10¢ first issue, Scott 1 and 2, in used condition. The 5¢ drops to $525 from $550 in the 2010 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers, and the 10¢ falls to $1,200 from $1,250.

Some of the other more common classics, such as the 1855 type II and type III 10¢ green imperforates, Scott 14 and 15, each drop in used condition to $180 from $200 in last year's Volume 1. A few scarcer issues buck this trend, however, and rise in value. The 1855 type IV 10¢ green, Scott 16, rises to $1,750 used from $1,700. The big winner in the classics is the type II 3¢ rose, Scott 25A, which jumps to $6,500 unused from just $5,250 in the 2010 U.S. Specialized catalogue and $4,750 in last year's Volume 1. The used No. 25A moves to $650, from $550 in the U.S. Specialized and $450 in the 2010 Volume 1.

2009 saw the auction sale of many rare stamp varieties that are lettered minors in the Scott catalog. Many of these stamps have not appeared for sale for many years, and the market reacted to their appearance with enthusiasm, setting many new high realizations. Examples are numerous in the classic and early twentieth century issues. Users of the 2011 Volume 1 will want to pay close attention to the new values for minor listings in these areas.

Activity was heavy for several South American countries. In Argentina, the 1858 set, Scott 1-3, advances modestly in unused condition and substantially in used condition. The 15c denomination, Scott 3, jumps to $250 used from $190 in last year's Volume 1. Other scarcer classics show substantial jumps in value both unused and used, and a few seldom-seen varieties show huge upward movement.

Value changes are evident almost universally up to the most modern Argentina issues. With most of the 4,221 value changes appearing in the postage section, which contains just 2,384 major numbers, it is obvious that most listings show value changes, usually in both the unused and used columns.

More than 4,000 value changes were recorded in Brazil. The very first set, Scott 1-3 increased substantially. In fact almost all the sets and singles have a change in either the unused or used column.

On the editorial side, there are now fewer than 550 color images needed order to make the Standard and Classic Specialized catalogues 100 percent in color. Other improvements include the addition of minor numbers to worldwide stamps of the same design but with different year dates in the lower margins. Some of these varieties have very different values, and all six Standard volumes will show the new listings and their values.

There are several other notable changes regarding the 2011 edition of the Scott Catalogues. The country breakdown for Volumes 4, 5 and 6 are different. Volume 4 now features countries of the World J-M, Volume 5 Countries of the World N-Sam and Volume 6 Countries of the World San-Z. The information that was previously in the U.S. Value Supplement will now be incorporated into the U.S. Specialized when it is released in October.

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