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Kalinga Winnowing tray rattan basket #1


Kalinga basket rice winnowing tray mainly used for separating rice and chaff. Rice is winnowed in the tray after it has been hulled, a process that involves pounding it in the mortar with a heavy loglike pestle. When the tray is used for winnowing, the lashed join on its rim is oriented away from the winnower, this keeps the heavy weight of the grain, which is held close to the winnower's body, away from the weakest point of the rim. In addition to its function as a winnowing tray, this basket is also used for communal eating. In this case, cooked rice is placed around the outer part of the basket with a bowl or soup in the center, it is also used as container for drying crops such as peanuts, corn and etc.

This is one of the most useful basket in an Igorot household. Many traditional baskets have been replaced by new objects but the winnowing tray can still be found on many Igorot homes.

Type of Object: Winnowing tray

Construction Method: Plaited

Local Terms: "lig-o", "liga-u"

Period/Date: pre 1950's

Ethnic Group: Kalinga ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: Rattan

Dimensions: (Approximate) Length: 14" X 14"


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igorot winnowing tray basket

igorot winnowing tray basket

igorot winnowing tray basket

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