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Ifugao basket for food "hu-up"


Philippines Ifugao Igorot basket for food locally known as "Hu-up". This square lidded basket is another characteristic Ifugao basket, it is used to serving cooked rice in the household. It is designed for communal eating and holds rice for the entire group assembled for the meal. The hu-up can also be used to carry food to workers in the rice fields just like the Bontoc Akob. Additionally the huup appears at special ceremonial events, where it is used to hold cooked rice and meat.


The hu-up has a special role in the engagement process of an Ifugao couple. The family of the prospective groom acquires a hu-up and fills it with betel leaves, areca nuts, cooked rice and cooked chicken. These goods are presented to the family of the prospective bride at the engagement ceremony. Today cash may be included as well. Afterward, the container becomes the property of the new couple and is used in their household fro the serving of cooked rice.


Type of Object: Food basket

Construction Method: Plaited

Local Terms: "Hu-up"

Period/Date: Mid - late 20th century

Ethnic Group: Ifugao ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: Rattan, bamboo

Dimensions: (Approximate) Height: 6" Width: 15"


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basket for food

basket for food

basket for food

basket for food

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