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Ifugao rice storage basket "Ulbong" #1


Philippines Ifugao Igorot rice storage basket locally known as "Ulbong". The jar-shaped ulbong is one of the most distinctive Ifugao baskets. It was formerly found in all Ifugao households, Where it was used to store hulled rice and is one of the few types of baskets in the Cordillera constructed using the coiling technique. It's graceful curved form is modeled after ceramic jars of Chinese origin that have long been highly prized in the Cordillera as storage containers for rice beer and as heirlooms.

The ulbung has a handle that allows it to hang from hooks (kinahu). These hooks are carved in the shape of a dog and attached to the underside of a special shelf (halada) located near the hearth inside an Ifugao home. Hanging the ulbung in this fashion keeps rice dry and free from pests.

An Ifugao man fills the ulbung from the supply of freshly hulled and winnowed rice in a winnowing tray. Hulling rice and refilling the ulbung is an activity that is normally repeated everyday.

This basket is not cleaned, very nice and in excellent condition. It is large making it as storage either for rice or dry beans by an affluent family. The actual item is definitely more beautiful than the picture.


Type of Object: Rice storage basket

Construction Method: Coiled

Local Terms: "Ulbong/Ulbung"

Period/Date: Mid - late 20th century

Ethnic Group: Ifugao ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: Rattan, wood

Dimensions: (Approximate) (Height - including the bulol figure which is 3" X Diameter) 22" X 19"


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rice storage basket ifugao

rice storage basket ifugao

rice storage basket ifugao

rice storage basket ifugao

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