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Bontoc or Sagada Basket crustaceans/greens container #3


Philippines Bontoc/Sagada Igorot basket container "Agkawin or Aggawin". Agkawin is a woman's work basket during all phases of rice cultivation. It hangs from the lower back by means of a cord tied around the hips. It is used for collecting small fish, shells and bird's eggs found while working, especially at harvest time, and for carrying a harvesting knife and split bamboo for bundling cut rice. It also serve to carry tobacco, matches and a pipe.


Ag-ka-win is the small rump basket almost invariably worn by women when working in irrigated sementera. The field toiler often carries her lunch to the field in the ag-ka-win, and when she returns the basket is usually filled with crustaceans and mollusks picked up in the wet sementera or gathered in the river, or with weeds or grasses to be cooked as "greens."( Albert Jenks - The Bontoc Igorot )


This type of agkawin constructed with less water exit is used by women when working in a dry field and used to collect sweet potato leaves, birds eggs and other edible greens.

Type of Object: Basket for crustaceans and sweet potato leaves.

Construction Method: Plaited

Local Terms: "Agkawin" "Aggawin"

Period/Date: Mid - late 20th century

Ethnic Group: Bontoc or Sagada ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: rattan

Dimensions: (approximate) Diameter widest : 7 inches, Height: 5 inches

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ifugao basket fish trap

ifugao basket fish trap

agkawin basket

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