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Bontoc basket for cooked rice "Akob" #1


Philippines Bontoc Igorot basket for cooked rice "akob". This Bontoc round basket is the equivalent of the square Ifugao "huup" and is used primarily to serve cooked rice. When shown this type of basketry, A bontoc visitor to the fowler museum commented that not everyone would be able to afford such a luxurious basket and only particularly skilled basket makers would be able to make one those its also expensive if bought.

The "Akob" is a large "Topil" used primarily for carrying cooked food for a large group working in the fields. Since most of the work involving large groups has to do with the cultivation of rice, the akob is most often used in the rice fields during harvesting, planting and preparation for planting. At home, the akob may be used to store any number of items, such as rice and cooked food, specially meat.

Dark brown patina: Good

Type of Object: Basket for cooked rice

Construction Method: Plaited

Period/Date: Mid - late 20th century

Local Terms: "akob"

Ethnic Group: Bontoc ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: Rattan, bamboo, wood

Dimensions: Diameter: 10 inches, Height: 6 inches

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philippine basket
philippine basket

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