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Philippines Basket rattan Ifugao Children's Hat


Late 20th Century Ifugao Igorot Children's hat with outstanding brown-dark patina due to daily use and exposure to soot of a typical Ifugao house. Made from rattan and the stems of "bi-al" plant used to make fish traps. The rattan threads were wrap in a coil of the bi-al stem. This is unusually rare type of basket weaving.

All baskets we are selling are not cleaned, if cleaned these would look really great in your display specially if waxed properly, I'll leave the thrill to you. The actual item are definitely more beautiful than the pictures.

Type of Object: Ifugao Children's hat

Ethnic Group: Ifugao ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: rattan, bi-al stem

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Bontoc igorot rain hat
Bontoc igorot rain hat Bontoc igorot rain hat

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