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Philippines Ifugao Igorot Rattan Basket Backpack "Inabnutan" #1


A beautiful example of Ifugao Igorot Hunterís Backpack locally known as "Inabnutan" with outstanding use patina circa 1950's up to early 70' or 80's. Made from split rattan with bamboo reinforcements at the bottom, it was covered with "Abnut" Palm fibers to make the basket backpack rainproof.

With very nice dark, reddish-brown patina from daily usage and years of exposure to the soot of a typical Igorot house. It's in excellent condition, a perfect example of this type of basketry.

All baskets we are selling are not cleaned, if cleaned these would look really great in your display specially if waxed properly, I'll leave the thrill to you. The actual item are definitely more beautiful than the pictures.

Type of Object: Ifugao Basket Backpack (Large - Tall)

Local Terms: "Inabnutan"

Ethnic Group: Ifugao ( Igorots or Cordillerans) of Northern Luzon Philippines

Country of Origin: Philippines

Materials: Rattan, Bamboo, Abnut Fibers

Dimensions: (Approximate) Height: 24" / Width (base): 8" / Length: 18" / Weight: Approximately 1.5kg, if packed could reach up to 2 - 3kg. If I pay less than 53$ on shipping at the Post office you will be refunded on the excess.

The "Inabnutan" takes its name from a fiber called abnut, which is processed from the leaf stalk of a bangi palm. The basket is covered with this fiber in order to repel the rain. Baskets of this type were formerly used by ifugao men when journeying far from their home village. On the outbound journey, the pack held the hunter's provisions, including perhaps a jar of rice beer with which to make offerings to insure a successful hunt. If luck and skill prevailed, the men returned to the village with their packs filled with meat. (Basketry of the Luzon Cordillera., Philippines)

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ifugao basket backpack inabnutan
ifugao basket backpack inabnutan
ifugao basket backpack inabnutan
igorot Ifugao backpack basket
igorot backpack basket

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