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Krause Standard Catalog Of World Coins 1601-1700 CD 5th Edition

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The Bible of Coin collectors and Dealers Worldwide!

1601-1700 5th Edition CD (Latest Edition)

With economic factors continuing to drive collecting interest and prices of coins in this area among the fastest rising, one way to successfully identify, assess and build up your collection is to turn to this DVD version of the new edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700.

This is a CD only. This CD contains all of the listings, images and special features (including expanded legend descriptions for many rare coin types) from the 1,560 page book of the krause coin catalog 1601-1700 in PDF format in searchable form. It is very useful if you prefer to work in your computer or don't want to carry a heavy book with you to work.

SIMPLY Insert the disk into your computer and get complete access to the digital Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700, 5th edition.

Format: CD

This portable CD contains a worldwide network of experts continues to uncover collector coin issues never before published. For the collector or simply the researcher attempting to identify world coins, this CD is the perfect single source.

  • Bi-metallic and tri-metallic coins.
  • Completely analyzed and updated pricing.
  • Information compiled by over 200 experts worldwide.
  • Original Krause Publication

  • New in Shrink Wrap

  • 280,000+ updated prices

  • 22,000 coin images

  • Enlarge text and images up to 400 percent

  • Better than book in some instances as you can enlarge images up to 400 percent for closer inspection, a handy tool for coin collectors and dealers.

  • Print specific information you need

  • Step-by-step user's guide

Inside the catalog you will find - how to use the catalog, standard international numeral systems, foreign exchange table, instant identifier, hejira date conversion chart, gold bullion chart, guide to international numerics and prices of coins in five grades of condition ( very good, fine, very fine, extra fine and uncirculated). These coins value guide and catalog feature coins in obverse and reverse and if possible with info on mintage, weight, metal contents of coins, varieties and etc. Countries listed in alphabetical order with brief country summary / history, mintmarks, monetary systems, many more information added.

All the details of coins from 1601-1700 in one reliable and searchable CD! This CD contains all of the pages from the printed version of the krause coin catalog 1601-1700 in PDF format. It is very useful if you prefer to work in your computer or don't want to carry a hard copy of the catalog with you to work

These krause standard catalog of world coins are synonymous to coins value guide, coins catalog, coins price guide, coin collector's guide, coin collecting books, world coins price guide and etc. These are the most comprehensive coin publications around the globe, these reference series are considered the bibles of coin collectors and coin dealers anywhere!

All mint-issue coins of the world from 1601-1700, including tokens, patterns, special presentation coins, are offered in this updated edition. The book features 100 years of world monetary history portrayed in coins from every nation existing during the 17th century. It contains hundreds of updates for minor coinage of German States, Italian States, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania. This fully illustrated edition has been completely analysed with expanded descriptions and updated pricing.


About the Author

Colin R. Bruce II and Thomas Michael are experienced and accomplished numismatists and researchers. Tom has performed in-depth price analysis for the KP numismatic book line for 20 years. Colin is one of the original creators of the Standard Catalog series and has worked with KP for nearly 40 years.


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