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174 Rare Coin Books Catalog of Great Britain - Ireland, Scotland


Rare coins and tokens books of

Great Britain - England, Scotland, Wales  and Ireland.

174 books on DVD

These books are an absolute must for your British coins reference library. The dvd is properly labeled for easy storage and access.

The books on this DVD has been compiled from professionally scanned original books which are not under copyright – in effect you will be reading the original books but on your computer screen.

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A Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum, Anglo-Saxon Series, Vol I: by Herbert Greuber 1887;
A Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum, Anglo-Saxon Series, Vol II: by Herbert Greuber 1893;
A Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum, The Norman Kings, Vol I: by G C Brooke 1916;
A Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum, The Norman Kings, Vol II: by G C Brooke 1916;
A Compilation of English Silver Coins issued since the Conquest with their Values – J Henry 1882;
A Counting House Dictionary containing an explanation of the technical terms used by Merchants and Bankers – R Bithell;
A Descriptive Catalogue of Coins, Tokens and Medals issued in or relating to the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland – R W McLachlan 1886;
A Dictionary of Numismatic Names – A R Frey 1917;
A Guide to the Coins of Great Britain & Ireland: by W S Thorburn 1888;
A guide to the English Medals exhibited in the King’s Library: by H A Greuber 1881; Volume 1
A Guide to the Exhibition of English Medals – H Greuber 1891; Volume 2
A Guide to the Study and Arrangement of English Coins – H W Henfrey 1870;
A Historical account of English money from the Conquest to James I – 1726;
A history of Currency in the British Colonies – R Chalmers 1893;
A Memoir of the life and works of William Wyon – 1837;
A Numismatic Manual – J Y Akerman 1840;
A Report containing and Essay for the amendment of the Silver Coins – 1695;
A Select Collection of scarce and valuable tracts and other publications on Paper Currency and Banking – 1857;
A Short account of Scottish money and coins – 1817;
A Short History of Coins and Currency – Lord Avebury 1903;
A Supplement to the Coinage of Scotland – J Lindsay 1859;
A Table of English Silver Coins from the Norman Conquest to the Present Time: by M Folkes 1745;
A treatise on coins, currency, and banking with observations on the Bank Act of 1844 – H N Sealy 1858;
A Treatise on the Coins of the Realm in a letter to the King – Charles Earl of Liverpool 1805;
A View of the Coinage of Ireland, from the Invasion of the Danes to the reign of George IV – J Lindsay 1839;
A vindication of the Celtic inscriptions on Gaulish and British Coins: by Beale Poste 1862;
Alphabetical list of Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens issued between 1786 and 1796 – S Birchall 1796;
An Account of some Rare and Unpublished Ancient British Coins – J Evans 1860;
An arrangement of Provincial Coins, Tokens, and Medalets issued in Great Britain, Ireland and the Colonies (within the last 20 years) – James Conder 1798;
An Assemblage of Coins fabricated by authority of the Archbishops of Canterbury – S Pegge 1772;
An Enquiry into and an Explanation of Decimal Coinage and the Metric System of Weights and Measures – E Anthony 1904;
An Essay on Medals – J Pinkerton 1784;
An Essay on Medals: or, an introduction to the knowledge of ancient and modern coins and medals, especially those of Greece, Rome and Britain (2 Volumes) – J Pinkerton 1806;
An Essay on the Coins of Cunobelin – S Pegge 1766;
An essay on the means of Distinguishing Antique, from Counterfeit, Coins and Medals – J T Brockett 1819;
An essay on the Numismatic History of the Ancient Kingdom of the East Angles – D H Haigh 1845;
An Essay on the Roman Denarius and English Silver Penny – W Till 1838;
An Historical and Critical account of a Grand Series of National Medals published under the direction of James Mudie Esq – 1820;
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vols I, II (revised to the reign of Queen Victoria) – Rev Rogers Ruding 1840 (2 volumes);
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vols I, II, III, IV, V – Rev Rogers Ruding 1840 (5 volumes);
Australasian Tokens and Coins, A Handbook: by Dr A Andrews 1921;
Biographical Dictionary of Medallists, Coin, Gem, and Seal Engravers, Mint Masters etc Ancient and Modern with reference to their Works B.C. 500 – A.D. 1900, Volumes 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (5 Volumes) – L Forrer 1916;
British Museum: A Guide to the Exhibition of English Coins – H A Greuber 1891;
Catalogue of a valuable collection of English Coins of the reign of Charles I: by Cumberland Clark 1914;
Catalogue of the Valuable collection of Coins and Medals, The Property of the Late John G Murdoch Esq – Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge 1904;
Celtic Inscriptions on Gaulish and British Coins: by Beale Poste 1861;
Chronicon Preciosun or, an account of English Gold and Silver Money etc – Bishop Fleetwood 1745;
Coin Types, their Origin and Development – G Macdonald 1905;
Coins and Tokens of the Possessions and Colonies of the British Empire: by James Atkins 1889;
Coins Of The Romans Relating To Britain
Coins, Medals, and Seals; ancient and modern – W C Prime 1864;
Coins, Tokens and Medals of Cambridge – W G Searle 1871;
Coins, Tokens and Medals of the Dominion of Canada – A Sundham 1869;
Coins, Weights, and Measures of British India – 1834;
Decimal Coinage – J Lawrie 1854
Description of Anglo-Gallic coins in the British Museum – 1826;
Descriptive Catalogue of Impressions from Ancient Scottish Seals – H Laing 1850;
Descriptive Catalogue of London Traders, Tavern, and Coffe-House Tokens current in the 17th Century – H B H Beaufoy & J H Burn 1855;
Descriptive particulars of English Coronation Medals, from Edward VI to Queen Victoria – W Till 1838;
Discovery of Carlovingian Coins at Mullaboden, Ballymore Eustace – Rev J F Shearman 1871 (4 page account);
Dye’s Coin Encyclopaedia; a complete illustrated history of the Coins of the World – J S Dye 1883;
English Coins and Tokens: by Llewellynn Jewitt 1886;
English Coins in the British Museum
English Coins Volume 1
English Coins Volume 2
English Seals – J Harvey Bloom 1906;
Grains and Grammes a table of equivalents for the use of Numismatists – 1920;
Guide to the Collection of Irish Antiquities (Royal Irish Academy Collection): Anglo Irish Coins – G Coffey 1911;
Guide to the Collection of Irish Antiquities, Anglo Irish Coins – G Coffey;
Handbook of English Coins – L Jewitt 1879;
Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland – H A Greuber 1899;
History of Monetary Systems – Alexander Del Mar 1895;
Illustrated hand book of information on Money Currency and Precious Metals – W Redman;
Illustrations of the Anglo-French Coinage – 1830;
Kent’s Valuation of British Coins and Tokens, 1600 – 1912: by J C Kent 1913;
Medals, Coins, Great Seals, and other works of Thomas Simon, Chief Engraver of the Mint from Charles I, Cromwell to Charles II – George Vertue 1880;
Nicholas Tyery’s Proposals to Henry VIII for an Irish Coinage – G O White Cooper & F J H Jenkinson 1886;
Numismata Cromwelliana: or the Medallic History of Oliver Cromwell – H W Henfrey 1877;
Numismata Scotiae, Scottish Coinage from William the Lion to the Union – A Cardonnel 1786;
Observations on the System of Metallic Currency adopted in this Country – W Hampson-Morrison 1837;
Oxford Silver Pennies, A.D. 925 – A.D. 1272: by C L Stainer 1904;
Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens issued between the years 1787 and 1796, Engraved by Charles Pye of Birmingham from the originals in his own possession;
Records of the Coinage of Scotland, Vols I, II – R W Cochran-Patrick 1876 (2 volumes);
Remarks on a Gold Currency for India, and Proposal of Measures for the Introduction of the British Sovereign – Col J T Smith 1868;
Report from the Royal commission on Coinage – 1868;
Simon’s Essay on Irish Coins and of the Currency of Foreign Monies in Ireland – 1810;
Some Feudal Lords and their Seals MCCCJ with an Introduction by Lord Howard De Walden;
Speeches, letters, articles on the Gold Coinage Controversy of 1869 – 1870;
Supplementary Title and Index to Kent’s Valuation of British Coins and Tokens for 300 years, 1600 to 1912 – 1913;
The British Currency Decimalised and Imperialised – W W Hardwicke 1915;
The Coinage of Ireland in Copper, Tin, and Pewter, 1460 – 1826 – Philip Nelson 1905;
The Coinage of Scotland, Vols I, II, III – Edward Burns 1887 (3 volumes);
The Coinage of Suffolk – C Golding 1868;
The Coinage of the Ancient Britons – J Evans 1864;
The Coinage of William Wood - P Nelson 1903.
The Coins of the Danish Kings of Ireland – B Roth 1910;
The Decimal System in Numbers, Coins and Accounts – Sir John Bowring 1854
The Evolution of Coinage – G Macdonald 1916;
The Forgeries of Public Money – J Y Akerman 1843;
The Gold Coins of England: Robert Lloyd Kenyon 1884;
The Irish Coins of Edward the Fourth – A Smith 1840;
The Medals of British Freemasonry – G L Shackles 1901;
The Numismatic Chronicle issued between 1841 – 1899 (41 Volumes);
The Obsidional Money of the Great Rebellion, 1642 – 1649: by Philip Nelson 1905; and
The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century, Part XI: Anglesey and Wales – R Dalton & S H Hamer 1915;
The Regulatory Silver Coin, made practicable and easie to the Government and Subject – 1696;
The Silver Coins of England – E Hawkins 1841;
The Silver Token-Coinage mainly issued between 1811 and 1812 – R Dalton 1922;
The Silver Tokens of Great Britain and Ireland, the Dependencies, and Colonies – W Boyne 1866;
The Story of the Bank of England – H Warren 1903;
The Story of the British Coinage – G Burford Rawlings 1900;
The Token Coinage of Warwickshire – W J Davis 1895;
The Token Money of the Bank of England 1797 to 1816 – Maberley Phillips 1900;
The Tradesmen’s Tokens (of the 17th Century) of Derbyshire – W H Brockett 1857;
The Tradesmen’s Tokens (of the 17th Century) of Durham and Northumberland – W H Brockett 1851;
The Tradesmen’s Tokens of the Eighteenth Century – J Atkins 1892;
Thirty Three Plates of English Medals – T Snelling 1776;
Tokens issued in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries in Yorkshire – W Boyne 1858;
Tokens of the 18th Century connected with Booksellers and Bookmakers – W Longman 1916;
Tradesmen’s Tokens, Current in London and its Vicinity between 1648 and 1672 – J Y Akerman 1859;
Treatise on the Coins of the Realm in a letter to the King – Charles 1st Earl of Liverpool 1880;
Two Dissertations, upon the Mint and Coins, of the Episcopal-Palatines of Durham – M Noble 1780;


41 books on Numismatics Chronicles from 1841 - 1899

and other 21 books ( titles to be added later)


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