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21 Japan, China, Other South Asia Rare Coin History Books pdf


Coins, Currency, Tokens RARE old BOOKS of JAPAN, CHINA & South East Asia

21 books on DVD

These books are an absolute must for your south east asia coins reference library. The dvd is properly labeled for easy storage and access.

The books on this DVD has been compiled from professionally scanned original books which are not under copyright – in effect you will be reading the original books but on your computer screen.

All are in pdf format readable using adobe acrobat. If you don't have adobe acrobat in your computer just download it free from


Siamese Porcelain and other Tokens – H A Ramsden 1911
Catalogue of Chinese Coins from the 7th Cent BC to AD 621, including the series in the British Museum – T de Lacouperie 1892
The Coins of Japan – W Bramsen
Coins of Japan – N G Munro 1904
The International Numismata Orientalia; on the Ancient Coins and Measures of Ceylon – T W Rhys Davids 1877
Model Insect Money of Ancient China – H A Ramsden 1914
Certain Old Chinese Notes or Chinese Paper Money – A McFarland Davis 1915
Chinese Currency – J Edkins 1901
Chinese Currency and Banking – S R Wagel 1915
Considerations of a New Monetary System for China – J W Jenks 1904
Report on the adoption of the Gold Standard in Japan – Count M Masayoshi 1899
The Currency Problem in China – W P Wei 1914
The History of Japanese Paper Currency (1868 – 1890) – M Takaki 1903
Notices of Chinese Seals found in Ireland – E Getty 1850
On Chinese Currency, Coin and Paper Money – Dr P Van Geer 1877
On Chinese Currency; Preliminary Remarks about the Monetary reform in China (2 Volumes) – Dr G Vissering 1877
The Origin and earlier History of the Chinese Coinage – L C Hopkins 1895
Report on the Post-Bellum Financial Administration in Japan (1896 – 1900) – Count M Masayoshi 1900
Transactions of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society; Chinese Coinage – C B Hillier 1852


The Encyclopaedia of the Coins of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei 1400 - 1967


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Please note that all these books are free of copyright and the PDF files are in the public domain. You are buying this compilation on DVD.

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