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105 Rare Antique Coin Books of USA, Canada, Mexico on pdf DVD


Rare Coin & History books of USA, Canada, Mexico

105 books on DVD

These books are an absolute must for your United States, Canada and Mexico coins and history reference library. The dvd is properly labeled for easy storage and access.

The books on this DVD has been compiled from professionally scanned original books which are not under copyright – in effect you will be reading the original books but on your computer screen.

All are in pdf format readable using adobe acrobat. If you don't have adobe acrobat in your computer just download it free from



A Descriptive Catalogue of the Political and Memorial Medals struck in honour of Abraham Lincoln – A C Zabrisckie 1873;
A Descriptive List of the Medals relating to John Law and the Mississippi System – B Betts 1907;
A Protest and Petition addressed to the Congress of the United States by the present and former assayers of Nevada, against unlawful practices at the Carson City Branch Mint – 1870;
A Visit to the Cabinet of the United States Mint at Philadelphia – 1876;
American Colonial History Illustrated by Contemporary Medals – C Wyllys Betts 1894;
American Journal of Numismatics, Volume 1, 1866 – 1866.
An Index to the Coins and Medals of the Cabinet of the Mint of the United States at Philadelphia – O C Bozbyshell 1891;
Assembly Memorial and Joint Resolution relative to the United States Mint at Carson City, Nevada;
Catalogue of Coins, Tokens, and Medals in the Numismatic Collection of the Mint of the United States at Philadelphia, PA – 1914;
Catalogue of J S Twinings Gold, Silver and Copper American Coins – W E Woodward 1886;
Catalogue of the Celebrated and Valuable Collection of American Coins and Medals of Capt A C Zabriskie – 1909;
Catalogue of the International Exhibition of Contemporary Medals – 1910;
Catalogue of the Joseph Hooper Collection of United States Coins and Medals, Franco-American and Canada Medals and Tokens, English, Foreign and Oriental Coins, in Silver and Copper, English War Medals, Australian Tokens etc – E D Froszard 1892
Coins and Coinage of the United States Mint, Philadelphia, History, Biography, Statistics, work, Machinery, Products, Officials etc.
Coins de France en Amerique – H Merou;
Curiosities of American Coinage – A E Outerbridge Jr 1898;
Description of Medals of Washington in the collection of W S Appleton – 1873;
Domestic and Foreign Coins Manufactured by Mints of the United States 1793 – 1980;
Guide to the Numismatic Collection of the Mint of the Unite States at Philadelphia P.A – 1913;
History of American Coinage – D K Watson 1899;
Illustrated History of the United States Mint with a complete description of American Coinage from the earliest period to the present time – G G Evans 1890;
List of the Washington Memorial Medals – W Elliot Woodward 1865;
Medallic Portraits of Washington with Historical and Critical Notes and a Descriptive Catalogue of the Coins, Medals,

Tokens and Cards – W S Baker 1885 (Please note that pages 135 & 136 and some index pages at the end of this book have not scanned properly and cannot be read. Text on other pages has also scanned lightly but can be read when computer magnification is increased ) ;

Monograph of United States Cents and Half Cents issued between the years 1793 and 1857 – E D Frozzard 1879;
Peterson’s Complete Coin Book containing perfect facsimilie impressions of all the various Gold, Silver, and other Metallic Coins throughout the world with the United States Mint value of each coin under it;
The American Numismatic Manual of the Currency or Money of the Aborigines, and Colonial, State, and United States Coins – M W Dickeson 1860;
The American Numismatic Society – W R Weeks 1910;
The Coin Book comprising a History of Coinage; A Synopsis of the Mint Laws of the United States; Statistics of the Coinage from 1792 to 1870; etc (with engravings of the Principal Coins) – 1873;
The Coinage of William Wood – P Nelson 1903;
The Current Gold and Silver Coins of all Nations, together with their weights/fineness and intrinsic value reduced to the standard of the United States. Also the History of the Official Coinage of the United States Mint from 1792 to the present day – I C Michels 1883;
The Early Coins of America and the Laws governing their issue – S S Crosby 1875;
The Medallic History of the United States of America 1776 – 1876, Vol I – J F Loubat 1878;
The Medallic History of the United States of America 1776 – 1876, Vol II – J F Loubat 1878;
The National Medals of the United States – R M McSherry 1887;
The Standard Coin Catalogue (Copper) Illustrated. This Catalogue gives the market value of every American Copper Coin and a large number of foreign ones in various degrees of preservation, with prices at which they can be purchased of the publishers – 1880;
The United States Mint in Philadelphia (12 photos of the Mint);



A Descriptive Catalogue of Coins, Tokens and Medals issued in or relating to the Dominion of Canada and Newffoundland – R W McLachlan 1886;
Canadian Copper Coin Catalogue;
Canadian Diamond Jubilee Medals – R W McLachlan 1898;
Canadian Numismatic Bibliography: A review of Mr R W McLachlan’s ‘Canadian Numismatics’ and other Books and Pamphlets describing Canadian Coins and Medals – 1886;
Canadian Temperance Medals – R W McLachlan;
Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Medals, Tokens and Stamps to exchange par for Coins, Medals, Tokens as per list pages 10 to 12 or for sale at fixed prices less 25 percent discount for cash – F R E Campeau;
Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Medals, Tokens, Books and Paper Money for sale at fixed prices – J Leroux 1889;
Coins Struck in Canada previous 1840, read before the Congres International De Numismatique – R W McLachlan 1892;
Coins, Tokens and Medals of the Dominion of Canada – A Sandham 1869;
Illustrated History of Coins and Tokens relating to Canada – P N Breton 1894;
Medals awarded to the Canadian Indians – R W McLachlan 1899;
Money and Medals of Canada under the Old Regime – R W McLachlan;
Numismatic Atlas for Canada – J Leroux;
Popular Illustrated Guide to Canadian Coins, Medalds etc – P N Breton 1912.
The Canadian Coin Cabinet – J Leroux;



Mexican Imperial Coinage, The Medals and Coins of Augustine I (Turbide), Maximillian, The French Invasion, and of the Republic during the French Intervention – B Betts 1899;

Early Spanish and Portuguese Coinage in America – J C Brevoort 1885.


United States

100 Great Battles of the Rebellion. A detailed account of Regiments and Batteries engaged – casualties, killed, wounded and missing and the number of Men in action in each Regiment. Also, all the Battles of the Revolution War of 1812-15, Mexican War, Indian Battles, American-Spanish War, and Naval Battles – W P Kremer 1906;
American Biographical Panorama – W Hunt 1849;
Battles of the United States by Sea and Land (2 Volumes) – H B Dawson 1858;
Library of American History (6 Volumes) – J W Buel;
Lives of the Presidents of the United States of America from Washington to the Present Time – J S C Abbott 1867;
Memoirs of J Paul Jones, Late Rear Admiral in The Russian Service (Volume I) – 1843.
The Battles of the War for Independence – P Holmes 1897;
The Biographical Dictionary of America (10 Volumes) – R Johnson 1906;


Canada and its Provinces: A History of the Canadian People and their Institutions (23 Volumes) – A Short & A Doughty (1914)


History of the Conquest of Mexico, with a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conqueror, Hernando Cortes (3 Volumes) – W H Prescott 1850;

The Mexican War: A History of its Origin, and a detailed account of the Victories which terminated in the Surrender of the Capital; with the Official Despatches of the Generals. To which is added, the Treaty of Peace, and valuable tables of the strength and losses of the United States Army – E D Mansfield 1849;

Our Mexican Conflicts: Including a Brief History of Mexico from the Sixth Century to the Present Time – Rev T B Gregory 1914.

Note: not all titles are listed - others to be added later


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