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Philippines Macaque Macaca Monkey Skull TAXIDERMY A19


Philippines (Macaca Fascicularis) Macaque Monkey Skull - Taxidermy

Please look at the pictures provided for best description. These are trophy / taxidermy collection previously hanging on houses of Ifugao Igorots, some had rattan binding but removed most had a thick fire sooth patina but cleaned and look its much better. Cleaned with soap and water only, you can clean further if you prefer.

3 teeth missing, 4 teeth replaced with other monkey teeth ( 4 brown teeth see picture 3 and 4)

Measurement (Approximate): Length: 5" Height: 3.5"

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Monkey skulls inside Ifugao house

Authentic Crab-eating Macaque Monkey Skull. Northern Philippines Long-tailed Macaque - (macaca fascicularis). The crab eating monkeys are native to southeast Asia, Indonesia, Bay of Bengal and the Philippine Islands. It has the same tooth count as humans. This species are omnivoruos, eating variety of fruits, seeds, barks, roots, flowers and as its name suggests, crustaceans, other small invertebrates and small vertebrates like fish, frogs, lizards and etc.

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