How to Recognize Do-Follow from No-Follow Links

How to Recognize do-follow from no-follow links on any page. This is very useful and important for most bloggers and webmasters. These are very important terms to understand when you are trying to build great links back to your site in order to increase your search engine rankings.

Do Follow links are links that are and that can be crawled by search engines. No-Follow links are, of course links that won’t be crawled by search engines. Google and other search engines likes right use for No-Follow attributed links. If you have web site and it links to already popular one, search engine “see” that, and might low your and site you linked to rankings.

By leaving comments or by placing your site to no-follow directories, you won’t get any improvements. Simply because search engines doesn’t crawl these links. But doing that on sites and directories with do-follow attribute may improve your overall rankings. Because these links are crawled and search engine knows that you have link on that site.

How to Recognize Do-Follow from No-Follow Links?

This is very common question. I don’t know simpler way to do that than by installing Firefox extension – SearchStatus. This extension will show you which links are, and which links are not followed or crawled by search engines! This is very useful tool which you can use on any web site, blog, forum or directory.

How to use it? Well, firstly install this extension and restart your Mozilla Firefox browser. Then you will see small blue icon in bottom-right screen of your browser (in status bar – usually on the right). Right-click on it and click on the “Highlight Nofollow links”, just like on image below.

Then, links with no-follow attribute will be highlighted with red color. Let’s say that you want to post comment on some blog. So look where your link should be. If links are highlighted in red, then your link from that page won’t be crawled by search engines. So, you practically don’t get any improvements for your link-building technique.

First image displays that links are crawled and other not. So, links from second site won’t be crawled by search engines! I have to note that links in comments on Bash Bosh are followed!

Note that you can still receive visitors with no-follow links. But, you won’t get any link-building improvements. So, your links are not crawled only for search engines.

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