I won $100,000.00 from Western Union!

Wow! I won $100,000.00 from Western Union! How can i get that money??? don’t try it – IT IS A SCAM!
I received lot of similar emails but this one differs from the rest. Why? because of that valid email address. info@westernunion.com it means it came from western union! Is the email valid then? I think not. The sender is asking me to send information to his personal email address which is a free email (yahoo mail)  why would he do that?
I guess the email has been hacked from western union or the sender is a western union employee. when i edited these texts there are lot of codes i can’t understand that is only visible if i switch to html mode that if in a visual mode its just a piece of line! wow those hackers and scammers.  If you received one of this email delete it permanently don’t respond who knows there are codes in there to put something in your computer that may cause problems later.
Just a thought :-)
Transaction I.D: 7890987AA
Western Union Office <info@westernunion.com>

Western Union®
Welcome to Western Union
Send Money Worldwide

Greetings to you from the Western Union office and we email to inform you that
your email was among the 4winners in the 2010 Western Union compensation With
reference to your payment file number HC/TTF/MY/WU09, we wish to inform you
that your funds have been paid out totaling the sum of $100,000.00 (One Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars) through our Western Union Money Transfer
payment method.

Transaction I.D: 7890987AA
Western Union Receipt Number: 0872009
Senders Name: Mr. Dennis Cole
Address: #49 Sewardstone Rd,Abuja,Nigeria
MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number): 049-719-7190
First Amount Sent: $7,000.00.

At this present time, please note that your MTCN (Money Transfer Control
Number): 049-719-7190 to the amount $7,000.00. (Seven Thousand United States
Dollars) have not been ACTIVATED. To ensure that we do not remit the above
amount to the wrong beneficiary, you are advised to RE-CONFIRM the following
details listed below:

Names in Full:
Phone Number(s):

As soon as we receive the above detailed information from you, we shall proceed
with the final remittance of your funds to you. Thank you and forward your
response to: (western.unionaccountdep011@mail.net.sa)or my personal mail

Yours Truly,

Mr.Martins Parmar
Tel: +2348028948295
For and on behalf of Western Union Money Transfer UK.

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